Hidden Valley Ranch - at Grand Central Station!

After meeting face-to-face on Tuesday, March 9, Lisa was kind enough to invite me to Veggie Central. As soon as I read "Hidden Valley Ranch", my response was "when and where?". Like many others, my teen doesn't always jump for healthy foods. Good thing she enjoys Hidden Valley Ranch. Put it on steamed veggies and step away from the teenager. Throw in Jeanne Pinsof Nolan and Jennie Garth - well how could I miss this?Upon entering Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall, it was easy to tell this is the right place. Salad dressing and vegetables EVERYWHERE!
Yes, I grabbed a skewer of veggies to poke into the ranch fountain. Yummy! As we moved past the fountain - my feet were dragging - we saw three classrooms worth of kids, I'd say 3rd to 5th graders. All the kids were sitting and listening to Jeanne Pinsof Nolan's presentation, paying attention and trying for a chance to help plant some seeds.
When Jeanne asked a question, hands and bodies flew up to answer. "What do we need to help plants grow?" Sunlight, water and soil "What is organic gardening?" We use only natural things. After Jeanne was done with the kids, she mingled with moms and media - even trying to help me with my hopeless situation. My backyard is roomy, but the neighborhood cats keep trampling through because we have no fence. Solution: countertop/windowsill garden.

Jennie Garth came out to speak to the kids, and she was also swamped with questions (the first question was answered very quickly, when Jennie said "you might recognize me from What I Like About You, which is still in reruns." Then Jennie walked around, checking in with the kids as they made veggie sandwiches. Yes, kids having fun with healthy foods. As the kids headed back to school, Jennie took questions from moms and media. The first person to get her attention was a little girl, who ran over to say "I love my mommy". Definitely an aawww moment.

Then the moms started asking questions. "Is there a veggie you don't love?" For Jennie Garth, who grew up on a farm, it's Brussels sprouts.Come to think of it, I like how Brussels sprouts look but never have tasted them. Hmm..


Rachel said…
I love Jennie Garth and the Hidden Valley teaming up with Veggies! No better combination! Mmmm...
Dancinghotdogs said…
Looks like a fun time. Jennie Garth still looks beautiful and what a good cause.

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